One of the top models, if not THE top model when it comes to insulated French presses is the Espro Press Stainless Steel vacuum insulated French press. As you can easily see from its name, this machine has a vacuum insulation. Double wall is good, but making a vacuum in the middle is great, because it’s hard for heat to travel through empty space! This gives it one of the best levels of insulation that you can achieve.
For each brewer, we took into consideration its quality of material and build and its look and feel. We paid particularly close attention to the propensity of the filter to allow potentially flavor-dampening silt to pass into the cup. We concentrated on how easy or difficult the unit was to clean, including the disassembly and reassembly of its filter system.


However, this is a case where material matters, and French presses made of certain materials are better for different types of coffee drinkers, even if all of these coffee machines function in basically the same way. So to help you figure out which French press is best for you and your caffeine habit, we took a deep dive into the most common types of French presses available and broke down the pros and cons of each material, along with some archetypal examples that you can buy.

The Espro Press entered the market about five years ago with the distinction of having been the focus of one of the earliest successful coffee-related Kickstarter campaigns. When the crowd-funding platform itself was less than three years old, the Espro project raised over 550 percent of its $15,000 goal, then actually shipped its promised product to backers only three months later. So, not only did the company pitch, design and manufacture a superlative product, but its fundraising efforts and follow-through were also exemplary.
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The Kona French press has a borosilicate glass carafe with a plastic outer shell. The outer shell offers some mechanical protection to the glass, and it also boosts the unit’s aesthetic appeal. But, we think Kona added the outer shell to compensate for the shatter-prone glass carafe. Overall, the quality of the parts leans towards the cheaper side.
By allowing coffee grounds to steep before pushing them through a steel filter, the French press releases natural oils that create a robust, clean taste that’s simply not possible with drip coffee makers. We spent over 30 hours of research and testing to determine that the SterlingPro –  Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is the best French press coffee maker. It keeps coffee hotter for longer than any other French press we tested, and its sleek and durable construction contributes to a delicious cup every time. Our runner-up is the Bodum – Chambord. 

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yes, its great for coffee and thats been reviewed by many. What isnt mentioned is how great it is at brewing other hot drinks: tea, citris rind beverage, hot ginger tea for a sore throat, even real hot cocoa nib hot chocolate. leaves no particles, perfect size for a couple cups. combine with a tea kettle, mortar & pestle, sharp knife, citrus rind plane maybe and you can make any natural hot home beverage
This is one of our favorite newcomers to the French press market in 2018. Espro is by no means a new brand, but their P5 model is a complete revamp of their older P3 version. It has a much improved and airtight filtration system that does not get clogged even when using the richest and darkest grounds. The P5 has a very elegant, but yet sturdy, glass design and we think it will fit nicely in most modern kitchens.
Unlike many other brands, the smallest version of this model is 34oz (1 liter) with 51oz (1.5 liters) and 68oz (2 liters) versions also available. That’s a lot of coffee and it makes this the French press of choice for hotels, offices and large families of coffee lovers. Such a large amount of coffee will also stay hot for a very long time inside the stainless steel double walled carafe.

It is worth noting also that a longer pre-heat period and hotter brewing start-point all tend to improve heat-retention performance. However, we kept our pre-het brief, assuming that consumers will not want to waste too much time on the way to a cup of coffee, and that pouring water hotter than 205 degrees onto fresh-ground coffee risks over-extraction and a bitter cup.

We love this elegant style press BUT discouraged about the quality of the glass carafe. Always careful with it and never exposing the glass to sudden temperature...nevertheless, 6 months of limited use and the top rim of the carafe "fell" out. Cheap quality on this carafe and seemed to be built for obsolescence which requires REPLACEMENT and another $25 on the sale. Nice going guys.
Our standard test included a one-minute preheat with freshly boiled water, and, to be charitable to the stoneware, we also tested it with a three-minute preheat to see if perhaps the stoneware simply needed longer to soak up the heat. The results were virtually the same, however, thus confirming that, as the stoneware does not contribute to improved brewing performance, its employment here is purely for aesthetic and branding reasons.

Equipped with a 4-level filtration system, the Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker is seen as one of the very best in regards to flavor and filtration. This is due to double stainless steel screen filters on a durable plunger supported by a spring-loaded base plate to seal off the edges. It is also 100% BPA-free, most of its essential components being made of good grade rated stainless steel and a thermal resistant borosilicate glass pot.
This French Press comes in two capacities, one liter or 1.5 liters, and it's made out of 18/10 stainless steel. The double-wall design keeps your coffee warm and protects your hands from burning when you touch the sides or handle. Just like on the glass SterlingPro French Press, this stainless steel one has a plunger with two screens to filter out most coffee particles. You also get two free replacement screens. 

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