This coffee maker was a very pleasant surprise for our testers in more ways than one. One reviewer, who’d never tried a French press before, didn’t expect this one to be so easy to use and produce such a “solid” cup of coffee consistently. In terms of negatives, our testers wished the plunger and filter were a bit more sturdy to ensure that you’re plunging directly downward every single time so no grounds escape into the coffee. One tester also wished he had requested a larger model. (We got him a 12-ounce press, but this coffee maker can be as big as 51 ounces.) His small French press couldn’t make multiple cups with each use, but he did note that its small size made cleanup especially seamless.

Hale Kai Lana

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By allowing coffee grounds to steep before pushing them through a steel filter, the French press releases natural oils that create a robust, clean taste that’s simply not possible with drip coffee makers. We spent over 30 hours of research and testing to determine that the SterlingPro –  Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is the best French press coffee maker. It keeps coffee hotter for longer than any other French press we tested, and its sleek and durable construction contributes to a delicious cup every time. Our runner-up is the Bodum – Chambord.

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