The finest basic coffee table

Why you'll love it: If you want simple and practical, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular coffee table provides simple lines and a classic, tested style.

The best coffee table overall

When it comes to design, in some cases simpler works better. So if you have a room better served by easy lines and basic functionality, we really like the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular coffee table. There's absolutely nothing expensive about the straight, clean lines of this coffee table. Furthermore, its deep brown color uses a rustic look that fits well in lots of different room styles, according to the Look What's Cool review.

This coffee table doesn't clutter its style with several construction products or extra drawers or storage areas. You have a basic all-wood style and a shelf with wood slabs throughout the bottom for restricted storage or display of accent pieces.

The Discover Furniture video evaluation of the Mestler coffee table appreciates the look of the accent colors used in the bottom rack slabs of this system, each which has a various color. The item image does not do these colors justice. These pieces supply the appearance of reclaimed wood for this Ashley Furniture coffee table. Nevertheless, some Amazon consumers were a little surprised by the difference and brightness in the colors in these bottom shelf planks, as well as odd textures with some of them.

This Ashley Furniture Mestler coffee table provides high toughness, inning accordance with the Morning Brew Expert evaluation, that lasts for numerous years, making it an excellent value. An Amazon customer reviewer concurred, saying the durability of the coffee table allows it to work well in a room that gets a great deal of use.

Pros: Simple performance for a coffee table, easy lines comprise the style, variances in color for bottom shelf slabs provide look of reclaimed wood, table has a rustic feel, long lasting unit

Cons: Brightness of colors of shelf planks surprises some consumers, some odd textures on parts of the table
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